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Video encoding FAQ

What formats are best for maximum compatibility with every platforms?

We recommend using MP4 with H264 / AAC audio codecs. This format is heavily used by all mainstream devices and browsers, so if you need to choose one format for maximum compatibility, this is it.

List of compatible devices:

  • Every iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Every Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy xx, HTC)
  • Game consoles (XBox, Playstation 3, PSVita, PSP)
  • Popular browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Windows / Mac / Linux media players (VLC, Quicktime, Window Media Player, XBMC)
  • Media Boxes (AppleTV, Boxee)

This list is not exhaustive; there are plenty of other compatible devices.

Can you do audio-only encoding?

Yes, we support all popular audio formats like wav, mp3, aac and ogg.

Do you inject metadata into FLV videos?

Yes, it's done automatically for every flash outputs, so no need to do anything on your side.

Why should I use HTTP Live Streaming?

If you plan to stream videos from an iOS app, you are required to use HTTP Live Streaming. Your users will always enjoy the best possible viewing experience, whether they are connected via Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G or even Edge.

Do you support concatenating files?

Yes, we do. Video files must be in MP4 format and have the same specifications (resolution,...). You just need to use the pipe "|"" symbol, like this: file1.mp4|file2.mp4|file3.mp4, etc...

Do you support video with 5.1 channel?

Yes, we do. You just need to use syntax like this mp4:720p:multi

Do you support videos with multiple audio/video tracks?

Yes we do, using our httpsteam feature.

Are your MP4/MOV streamable? Are they 'hinted'?

Yes, we do this after each MP4, Mov and 3GP encodes. When you receive the encoded videos, they are immediately ready to stream!

I want to improve the video quality

Use the format setting video bitrate to improve your video quality. The higher the value, the better the quality will be.

The resolution of your format should also be high enough to ensure video quality.

The output size is bigger than the original

Check that the resolution is not too high and the bitrate too low.

A typical example would be a format size equal to 1080p and bitrate equal to 300kbps. In this case, there is no way to have the output video even approaching 300kbps.

The quality is not that good in full screen

Check that the format resolution is not too low. To get a quality image in fullscreen, the minimum width should be at least 640 and of course, the video bitrate should not be too low.

The watermark is not working

Check the following:

  • The image URL is correct and returns a 200 OK
  • The image format is png
  • The image mode is RGB, not Indexed Color
  • The image size is <= your format size